Living expenses will differ depending upon the location of the higher education institution, the type of accommodation preferred and on the personal expenditure of the student. To give some idea of the total cost involved, the following approximate figures - at 2008 rates - are given as a guide to overall expenses. On average we estimate that a student will spend between €7,500 and €12,000 per year depending on location and lifestyle.

Student Living Expenses in Ireland

Expenses Euros
Accommodation €3000-€5150
Food and Household €2500-€3500
Other Living Expenses €1500- €2500

Please note that all the above figures are approximations as some students will live on less and some on more depending on their budget.

Employment during study for non EU students

Only students attending a full time course of education of at least one year’s duration leading to qualifications recognised by the Minister for Education and Skills will be permitted to take up casual employment.

  • Access to employment is denied to all other students.
  • Casual employment is defined as up to a maximum of 20 hours part time work per week, or full time work during normal college vacation periods. Such work should not interfere with your course attendance, as failure to provide evidence of a satisfactory attendance record will result in refusal of any extension to your permission to remain.
  • The entitlement to casual employment will cease on completion of your college course.
  • The stamp placed in your passport by GNIB will indicate whether or not you are permitted to take up casual employment.
  • If you are in doubt about this you should check with GNIB before you accept any job offer.
  • Any breach of your visa conditions will lead to a review of your case and possible removal from the State.

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