QQI Level 6 Tourism with Business (6M5012)

About this programme
The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to acquire the required knowledge, skill and competence in the theory, principles, and
practice of management within a range of contexts and to enable the learner to work independently or in a management capacity and or
to progress to higher education or training with a focus on the Tourism Hospitality industry

Duration Description
This programme includes a practical work experience element where learners will be mentored by an
industry professional for a 6-week period. Learners will have 20 hours contact hours a week for 30 weeks
which will include a combination of practical / theory & tutorial classes at the IIHCS. Learners will be
required to complete self-directed learning and complete assignments / projects & reports as required by
their tutors which will account for up to 600 hours of self-directed learning.

Entry requirements:
1. Leaving certificate or its equivalent
2. Students must have studied Mathematics and computer skills
3. Students will be interviewed to determine their eligibility

Why study Tourism with Business?
This award will prepare you for many of the business roles available in the tourism industry. You
will develop skills appropriate to both operational and supervisory levels. The programme will also
develop entrepreneurial skills to facilitate new business start-ups and, in today’s economic climate,
these skills will prove invaluable upon graduation. Students on this programme can expect to
participate in a significant number of field trips which will support college-based learning

Principal Areas of Study

  •  Tourism Policy and Practice (6N2106)
  •  Customer Service (6N0697)
  •  Communications (6N1950)
  •  Human Resources (6N3750)
  • Finance (6N4165)
  • Work Experience (6N1946)
  • Business Management (6N4310)
  •  Word Processing (6N4977)
  • (Modules offered may be subject to change)


Tourism Policy and Practice (6N2106)
This module covers the following units:
1.1 Tourists and the tourist industry
1.2 Social cultural and economic aspects of tourism
1.3 Tourism Policies and funding
1.4 Tourism Marketing and Promotion
1.5 Ireland as a tourism destination

Customer Service(6N0697)
Learners who successfully complete this module will:
2.1 Appreciate the importance of the customer to an organisation
2.2 Understand the role and responsibilities of the frontline representative of an organisation
2.3 Understand the team work necessary to meet customer needs and expectations
2.4 Be familiar with relevant legislation
2.5 Develop a customer-oriented quality service consistent with best practice and standards

This module aims to enable the learner to:
3.1 Heighten an awareness of the essential role played by communication in human interaction
3.2 Understand the communicative principles and practices involved in gathering and relaying
3.3 Analyse the nature and theory of communication
3.4 Explore varieties of non-verbal communication
3.5 Acquire the skills and confidence required to encode and decode meaning, in writing, verbally and
3.6 Enhance and refine interactive skills and qualities

Word Processing (6N4977)
This module covers the following units:
4.1 Application Management
4.2 Document management
4.3 Macros, templates and forms
4.4 Layout, tables and graphics
4.5 Mail merge

Human Resources (6N3750)
Learners who successfully complete this module will:
5.1 Acquire, develop and enhance the necessary personal and interpersonal skills required to work in a
Human Resource Department
5.2 Be able to lead, motivate and support employees which ultimately contributes to the overall success of
the organisation
5.3 Develop their knowledge and understanding of the importance of attracting, selecting and retaining
the most suitable candidates for the organisation
5.4 Design, implement and modify staff development and training programmes to adapt to a dynamic and
changing environment
5.5 Become familiar with the range of available Computerised Information Systems and the criteria for
their selection.

Learners who successfully complete this module will:
6.1 Understand financial jargon
6.2 Develop an awareness of the key elements to good financial management
6.3 Demonstrate their ability to read financial statements
6.4 Be able to assess financial viability and performance
6.5 Develop their confidence in communicating regarding financial matters
6.6 Appreciate the importance and the elements of monetary control within an organisation
6.7 Be familiar with the time value of money.

Business Law(6N4045)
Learners who successfully complete this module will:
7.1 Appreciate the importance Law for the business organisation.
7.2 Understand how an organisation needs to be aware of the Legal environment in which it operates
7.3 Understand the role of Legislation in a modern business environment
7.4 Be familiar with relevant legislation
7.5 Develop an appreciation of importance of Legal Practice and Procedure

What are my career opportunities?
QQI Level 6 Tourism with Business prepares students for employment in a wide range of business areas
• Tourism
• Management functions of industrial, commercial and public enterprises
• Accounting
• Financial services
• Marketing and Sales
• Human resources
• IT

Progression to further Studies:
• This course leads to a level 6 award on the National Framework of Qualifications.
• Students who successfully complete this programme may use their credits towards completing a
higher level of study in the area of Business/Management.
• Students who successfully complete this Major Award can use the Certificate as the basis for
entry into selected courses in Third Level Colleges and Universities.

More information about this course:

  • Students are required to complete assignments (both individual and group projects) and complete
    end of year exams
  •  English language classes will be provided for students whose first language is not English
  • Students are required to satisfy the requirements as set out by QQI & IIHCS

Course fee: €2000
Payment plan: €500 non-refundable deposit to secure your place, €1000 in the first week of the course
and remaining balance by Christmas.

For Further Details Please Contact:

Shelagh Nangle
091 – 895674