The picture was taken on Wednesday 4th of November 2015 at Leinster House, the Irish Parliament. Senator Lorraine Higgins hosted the delegation for a house tour and a splendid lunch.
Picture: Back row from left to right:
1. Mr. Tso Kai Lok, Manager of Elegantia College
2. Mr. Chin Tat Lun, Wilson, Director of Irish International Education Centre
3. Dr. Cheng Chi Leung, Manager of Lau Wong Fat Secondary School
4. Mr. Kam Chin, Chairman of Irish Chinese Society Galway
5. Mr. John Ryan, the Steward of Leinster House
6. Dr. Lai Ping Wah, Principal of Lee Kau Yan Memorial School
7. Mr. Tsang Yee Hing, Advisor of Irish International Education Centre
8. Mr. Cheng Kong Kuen, Anthony, Director of Irish International Education Centre
Front row:
1. Ms. Ma Wai Chu, Vice Principal of QualiED College
2. Ms. Chan Yin Hung, Kuby, Principal of Munsang College
3. Ms. Mak Mei Chun, Christine, Vice Principal of The Jockey Club Eduyoung College
4. Ms. Fung Shun Ning, Brenda, Vice Principal of Pak Kau College


4th EDU Delegation Visit

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