Certificate in Pastry Baking & Desserts Level 5 Minor Award (9 Days)
**One day per week for 9 weeks.**

-Why study the Certificate in Pastry and Baking? 
This programme has been designed for anyone wishing to study the basic fundamentals of pastry work and baking. The programme is delivered on a part-time basis ensuring it can suit those working full-time or keen to pursue an exciting stream of culinary arts.

What are the aims and objectives of this programme? 
The programme aims to provide learning and skills opportunities for those with a talent and interest in pursuing a career in pastry and baking across the culinary sector. Alternatively, it will suit anyone with a keen desire to learn more about these disciplines.

Graduates will work at entry level positions in professional Pastry kitchens or gain advancement within their current employment.

There is a high demand for skilled, qualified professionals in the hotel and hospitality industry. There are employment opportunities and many employers are willing to offer flexible working hours to accommodate learners.

Please contact Shelagh for further details on 091 895674 or enquiry@iihcs.com.
For further information please visit: http://www.iihcs.com


Certificate in Pastry Baking

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